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Crane Maintenance Courses for Maintenance Personnel

Konecranes Training Institute recommends maintenance personnel receive the following crane maintenance training (at a minimum):

  • Trade Skills – Basic Electricity or Basic Mechanical
  • Overhead Crane Training Courses
  • Training on the specific crane control system
  • Refresher and advanced skill trading
  • Rigging Fundamental training 
  • Necessary Maintenance 

Some of Our Maintenance Course objectives

  • Identify the function and operation of single speed, two speed, step type, secondary reactor, and adjustable frequency A.C. crane controls
  • Analyze power and control circuits
  • Identify problematic motor symptoms and correct their causes
  • Perform control system inspections, tests, and adjustments
  • Analyze operating characteristics for troubleshooting control system failures
  • Test, adjust, and troubleshoot control components
  • Understand how the plugging, overload, and travel limit protection circuits operate individually and in combination
  • Perform brake electrical inspections, tests, adjustments, and troubleshooting
  • Perform electrical inspections
  • Perform electrical preventive maintenance procedures

Contact Konecranes with specific questions or check out other crane courses being offered.

In this 3-day crane training course, students will learn how to perform electrical inspections and preventive maintenance procedures.

This 2-day electrical crane maintenance training course highlights electrical maintenance procedures for all types of A.C. crane controls including A.C. full magnetic, stepless and adjustable frequency drives and is considered the basic orientation to electrical maintenance.

This is a 2-day Overhead Crane Mechanical Maintenance course gives a good background for Mechanics and Millwrights.

This 3-day crane maintenance training course is a must for your Maintenance Departments Mechanical staff and provides standardized criteria to evaluate and correct structural, drive machinery and hoist problems on overhead cranes.

This crane maintenance training covers the mechanical maintenance aspects of packaged hoists. Students will benefit from learning about brakes, gearing, drums, wire rope, sheaves, hooks and controls.

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