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Crane Training Courses List

Browse a wide variety of crane courses below. You can search by categories, course dates or crane training locations near you. We offer crane training in the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and elsewhere around the world!  

All pricing is in USD.

E.g., September 15,2019
E.g., September 15,2019

This 1-day overhead crane inspection training course covers important regulation changes and is a review for past attendees whose Crane Inspection cards are at or near expiration. New ID cards include photo. 

*Prerequisite - Must have successfully completed the 818 or 819 course and passed the written exam within the last 2 years

Reduce costly crane downtime
Extend crane components life
Lower overall maintenance costs
Assure compliance with OSHA and ASME B30 standards

September 30,2019

Register for the current month end date and you will be able to start the course right away

This new online, self-paced crane inspection training course is now available for eligible students who need to refresh their Overhead Crane Inspection training.  

The online course is broken down into 14 lessons with a mid-term exam and a final written exam.

September 30,2019

This 1-day rigging training gives students the knowledge on safe rigging practices, rigging terminology, good and bad rigging practices and more.

Category: Rigging
September 30,2019

This 1-day crane safety training course will give supervisors, plant managers, facility managers & safety managers information on OSHA and ASME B30 requirements for Overhead Crane Operation including the reason behind the requirements.  A key focus is on reducing and eliminating the most frequent Crane Incidents.

October 1,2019

This electrical crane maintenance training course highlights electrical maintenance procedures for all types of A.C. crane controls including A.C. full magnetic, stepless and adjustable frequency drives and is considered the basic orientation to electrical maintenance.

This 1-day crane course covers safe operating practices for smaller truck mounted cranes.

October 1,2019

This is a 2-day Overhead Crane Mechanical Maintenace course (Accelerated 811 Course) covering the classroom material only and give a good background for Mechanics and Millwrights.

Our 3-day Portal Crane Mechanical Maintenance training course provides standardized criteria to evaluate and correct structural, drive machinery and hoist problems on portal cranes.

October 1,2019

This popular crane inspection course covers a wide variety of crane configurations. Participants receive a working knowledge of all pertinent regulatory agency requirements.


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