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Remote Crane Operating Station Technology WOWS Users

Attendees at 2018 Crane Users Conference Shocked by Capabilities of Konecranes Remote Operating Station

Attendees who participated in the Konecranes 2018 Crane Users Conference this fall were shocked by the latest technologies being demonstrated at the event – particularly the Konecranes Remote Operating Station.

At the event (held in Pittsburg, PA), 35 attendees had a special opportunity to remotely operate a crane located in Houston, Texas…in real time!

Attendees got to spend an average of 15-20 minutes using this unique crane operating station. Participants were stunned at the accuracy of performance in Target Positioning, Hook Centering, Sway Control, Snag Prevention and Load Centering.

The Konecranes Remote Operating Station is equipped with the same controls as an operator’s cabin – all integrated into an ergonomic electronic desk, which features armrests, master switch, and the ability to adjust desk height to accommodate any operator, including handicap operators – which has never been possible before!

Using the Remote Operating Station, operators are able to take advantage of real-time camera views, as well as crane and process-related information.

With this technology operators have the ability to drive cranes from a distant control room. This has proven to be especially important for crane operators in the Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Waste-to-Energy, Petrochemical & Biomass industries where conditions are often hot, dirty and/or challenging to access.

This new crane technology not only offers enhanced protection of people and equipment, it can also improve performance and production.

Along with safety, convenience and performance, the Remote Operating Station also saves on capital costs stemming from the need for access walkways and platforms.

Experience This Incredible Technology First-Hand!

Konecranes now offers hands-on demonstrations of its Remote Operating Station in Houston, Texas, including the Safe Features that are integrated into its 20-ton SMARTON crane.

Come experience this incredible technology first-hand by scheduling a demonstration through Juergen Gieske at 262-853-2062.

Find out for yourself why the Konecranes Remote Operating Station is being called a game-changer for crane operators and personnel in many industries!

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