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Course information

Course number: 805
Length: 3 days
Price: $2090.00
Category: Electrical

In this three day crane training course, students will learn how to perform electrical inspections and preventive maintenance procedures.

Enjoyed very much, very informative, very thorough & organized. Top Notch!!!

O'Neal Steel Robert P.

Small and casual course setting. Ability to take things apart in the lab and see how they work.

Worthington Scott C.

It was nice to have a third party training seminar for a change. I learned a lot of
information that will come in real handy.

Conoco PhillipsVenco Douglas D.

The course was a good mix of class work with hands on training.

Algoma Steel Greg S.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) Hands on, participation of others.

Nucor Steel Mark R.

This crane training course highlights electrical maintenance procedures for all types of A.C. crane controls including A.C. full magnetic, stepless and adjustable frequency drives. This crane course is considered the basic orientation to electrical maintenance.

Course objectives

  • Identify the function and operation of single speed, two speed, step type, secondary reactor and adjustable frequency A.C. crane controls
  • Analyze power and control circuits
  • Identify problematic motor symptoms and correct their causes
  • Perform control system inspections, tests and adjustments
  • Analyze operating characteristics for troubleshooting control system failures

Course outline

  • Overhead Crane Electrical Safety
  • Overhead Crane Electrical Regulations
  • Electrical Tools
  • OHMS Law
  • Motors
    •  AC Motors
    • Wound Rotor Motors
    • DC Motors
    • Motor Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Power Distribution
  • Crane Electrical Components
    • Fuses & Circuit Breakers
    • Motor Overload
    • Contactors
    • Mechanical & Electrical Interlocks
    • Transformers & Rectifier
    • Limit Switches
    • Motor Thermistors
    • Resistors
    • Encoders
    • Brakes  & Electric Load Brake - Magnetorque (TM)
    • Master Controller, Radio Controls & Crane Pendants
    • PLC & Crane Monitoring Equipment
    • Crane Overload Limiter
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Basic Speed Control
  • Hands-On Student Labs
  • Tour of motor manufacturing facility
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