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Crane Operator Certification - OSHA Deadline FAST Approaching!

Crane Operator Training & Certification Must Now be Completed by November 2018

Time is running out to get your crane operator certification! All crane operator training and certification must be completed by November 2018 (with the recent extension by OSHA) per OSHA’s requirement.

Since we are coming down to the wire, there is limited availability for this critical crane operator certification course, so if you haven’t registered yet we encourage you to do so immediately!

There are hundreds of thousands of crane operators in the U.S. and all of them must have this certification by November 2018.

Although OSHA announced this requirement back in 2010, there are still many crane operators who have not yet completed a certification course.

To date, the Konecranes Training Institute has had to add additional staff and crane operator training courses to accommodate for the influx of registrants. 

If you have not registered for the appropriate Crane Operator Certification course please do so TODAY before the available resources are depleted.  

*Get more information from OSHA here.

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