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Deadly Crane Safety Violations in Ontario Result in $313,000 Fine

Construction Company, Supervisor & Crane Operator Fined Hundreds of Thousands After Employee is Struck and Killed by Crane Boom

crane-safety-training-ontario-canada-violations.jpgRecently, Brampton Court imposed fines totally $313,000 after crane safety violations in Ontario, Canada resulted in a deadly accident.

On April 21, 2015, a Forma-Con employee who was working on-site was struck and killed by the boom of an operating crane.

The certified crane operator began to lower the boom after hoisting a load of aluminum joists. The crane tipped and the boom struck & killed the Forma-Con worker.

Just 12 days before the accident, a certified crane operator sent a text message to the supervisor informing him that the crane being used was a hazard.

The supervisor responded, telling the crane operator that if the machine poses a danger it should be shut down. However, the crane continued to remain in-use.

All parties pleaded guilty in Brampton Court. Forma-Con Construction was fined $285,000; the supervisor was fined $15,000; and the crane operator was fined $13,000.

The court also imposed 25% victim fine surcharges as required by the Provincial Offences Act of Ontario.

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