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Blatant Disregard for Crane Safety Near Power Lines Lands Company in Big Trouble

Willful Neglect of Crane Safety Near Power Lines – Company Faces Major Fines & Placed on OSHA’s Severe Violators List

construction-crane-safety-training-power-lines-violation.jpgCompass General Construction LLC (a Kirkland construction company in Tumwater, Washington) is in big trouble after what was deemed willful neglect of crane safety while operating near power lines.

The construction company was cited for 2 willful violations and 1 general violation, totaling fines of $96,000.

The crane safety violations were identified just 3 days after an inspector from the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) visited the site.

When the inspector returned to the site after his initial inspection he confirmed the crane was operating too close to power lines without employing the proper safety measures (i.e. highly visible flagging, caution tape, warning lines, dedicated spotter, etc.).

The construction company was cited for 2 willful violations – not adhering to crane safety requirements near power lines, and failing to appoint a lift director to supervise the crane lifts and rigging personnel. Each willful violation carried a penalty of $48,000.

The willful citations were deemed as such because the investigator had just reviewed the specific crane safety requirements with the Site Superintendent just days prior to the violations.

The construction company was also cited for a general violation for failing to document that the rigging supervisor had passed the required test to show his qualification.

Compass General Construction has appealed the violations that occurred last May; however, they have been placed on OSHA’s list of Severe Violators.

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