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Now You Can Renew Your Crane Inspection Certification ONLINE

Konecranes’ New Crane Inspection Training Refresher Course Allows Participants to Renew Their Credentials Online in as Little as 3-5 Hours!

The Konecranes Crane Training Institute will now be offering an online refresher course for crane inspection training.

The Konecranes Online Overhead Crane Inspection Refresher allows past attendees of Konecranes’ Overhead Crane Inspection course to renew their credentials online if they are at or near the 2-year expiration date.

This online crane training course is self-paced and usually takes only 3-5 hours to complete, making it ultra-quick and convenient for crane inspectors to complete.

The course 14 lessons, a mid-term, final exam and review of course materials. Participants can use the books from their original crane inspection training course or order a new set of specs from the Konecranes store.

Participants will receive:

  • Review of all pertinent codes and regulation
  • Understanding of how to interpret applicable sections of OSHA Title 29 regulations
  • Working knowledge of ANSI/ASME Standard B30
  • Record keeping
  • Ability to perform consistent, comprehensive crane inspections

The course is designed to be highly interactive and keep the participant’s attention with various different kinds of activities.

The ability to take this crane inspection course online has the potential to save the participant (or the employer) over $1,000 in travel expenses, including lodging, meals and lost work hours.

“It gives them the flexibility and saves time & money. It helps customers comply with all applicable OSHA requirements, while improving equipment reliability and, most importantly, safety.” States Jim Lang, General Manager of Konecranes Training Institute.

Since this is designed to be a “refresher”, anyone who registers must have completed the initial 3 or 4 day crane inspection certification course within the last 6 months to 2 years from the Konecranes Training Institute. Konecranes confirms an individual’s eligibility when they register.

Konecranes also provides instructor-led crane training courses in 40 cities across the U.S. We educate around 10,000 students every year and re-certify approximately 800 crane inspectors every year.

Check out all the crane training courses we have to offer, or find crane training courses in a city near you!
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