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Mobile Crane Operator Safety - 3 Days

Course number: 828
Length: 3 days
Price: $1750.00

This 3-day crane training is a must for Mobile Crane Operators at your plant site. After completing this crane operator training, students will have an understanding of safe operating practices, the top causes of Mobile Crane Accidents and how to prevent them.

You will receive: Load Charts & Course Workbook

Milwaukee Konecranes Training Institute
March 18,2019

Instructor was well prepared and well rounded in information and experience. For the first time attending this course, I was impressed with the material.

Austell Box Board Jason P.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) The experience of giving an oral presentation to the class.

Nucor Steel Scott W.

Learning and teaching.

National OilwellVarco Tevan T.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) Safety knowledge.

Underwriters Lab Scott A.

(What I liked most about the course was…) The presentation of material.

Michigan State University Walt S.

After completing this mobile crane operator training course, students will have an understanding of safe operating practices as well as the requirements of OSHA regulations 1910.180 and ASME B30.5.

Course objectives

  • Lockout tagout procedures and importance
  • Block securing
  • OSHA and ASME standards
  • Load chart and load testing
  • Safe Operating Practices
  • Lift Planning
  • Setting up the crane and cribbing
  • Pre-operational inspections
  • Basic Rigging procedures
  • Weather conditions and how it effects operation
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Crane shutdown procedures
  • Operators checklists

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Course note

Course is often done as On-Site crane training at your facility.

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Milwaukee Konecranes Training Institute

June 3,2019
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Pittsburgh, PA

June 4,2019
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