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Overhead Crane Inspection Training Refresher Course - 1 Day

Course number: 820
Length: 1 day
Price: $625.00

This 1-day overhead crane inspection training course covers important regulation changes and is a review for past attendees whose Crane Inspection cards are at or near expiration. New ID cards include photo. 

*Prerequisite - Must have successfully completed the 818 or 819 course and passed the written exam within the last 2 years

Pick-up good information on cranes. (I) took hoists for granted until now.

Ford Michael G.

The instructor was very knowledgeable of our crane. I feel this is the proper way
to train both mechanical and operations on the use of the crane. I have learned more about the crane in this week than in the 7 years I have been at Venco. I recommend this course be an annual event.

Conoco PhillipsVenco Gerald G.

Good job.

Gerdau Ameristeel Bill N.

(What I liked most about the seminar was...) Plant tours.

Cami Automotive Larry S.

Small group - easier to learn material.

Clearwater Paper Brandon C.

Crane Inspection Training for Past Attendees

This one-day overhead crane training course is for past attendees whose Crane Inspection cards are at or near expiration. (Inspection cards are valid for two years after the date of issue.)

Participants will discuss any regulatory agency requirement changes, record keeping and new or different inspection criteria/techniques. A written evaluation will be administered and those passing will be issued a new certification card with photo.

Students should bring course books provided at their initial crane inspection course.

(If this particular course is not currently offered in your area. Please contact our Crane Training Institute for more information on when this course may become available in your area or an area near you.)

Course objectives

  • Perform crane inspections in accordance with all pertinent codes and regulations
  • Understand and interpret applicable sections of OSHA Title 29 regulations
  • Working knowledge of ANSI/ASME Standard B30
  • Recognize and perform record keeping
  • Be able to perform consistent, comprehensive crane inspections

Course outline

  • General crane inspection requirements
  • General crane safety and housekeeping
  • Hazards and shutdown conditions

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