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Course number: 819RW
Length: 3 Days
Price: $1190.00
Category: Online courses

PRE-REQUISITE:  818, 819, or 820 taken within the last 2 years.  

819RW is a 3-day refresher for those who have completed the 818, 819, or 820 course in the past and wish to keep their Inspection Certificate current. 

Webinar - Live
July 1,2024 to July 3,2024

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) If you had problems with
something everyone help(ed) explain so you understand.

Charter Steel Troy D.

(What I liked most about the seminar was...) Machine shop tour.

Cami Automotive Ed W.

Good experience and training knowledge.

Trane Tim G.

(What I liked about the seminar was…) Technical information about the subject.

Gerdau Ameristeel Clifford H.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…..) The way the instructor presented himself & the course.

Con-Edison Carmine B.

Crane Inspection Training for Overhead and Underhung Configurations

This popular crane inspection course covers a wide variety of overhead and underhung crane configurations. Participants refresh their working knowledge of all pertinent regulatory agency requirements. Attendees will complete a written evaluation following the seminar. 

Course outline

  • Crane types and service classifications
  • General inspection requirements
  • General crane safety and housekeeping
  • Hazards / shutdown conditions
  • Runways, wheels, and brakes
  • Crane structure and electrical systems
  • Drive machinery and hoist equipment

You will receive:

  • Course workbook
  • Inspection Mirror
  • OSHA Guide
  • Safety Standards Reference Sheet
  • Baseball Cap

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