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Mechanical Maintenance Course - LIVE WEBINAR - 2 Days

Course number: 809W
Length: 2 Days
Price: $1500.00
Category: Online courses

This is a 2-day Overhead Crane Mechanical Maintenance LIVE WEBINAR gives a good background for Mechanics and Millwrights.

(The instructor) is a good teacher and showed a lot of crane safety and what to
teach other people.

Marsulex Armando

(The instructor) was very knowledgeable and thorough. Explained all matter

Caterpillar -Mapleton William L.

Very informative to have different input from other participants from different companies.

Cami Automotive Tony S.

Good material and a good instructor. Learned a lot and enjoyed the course.

Alabama Power Brent R.

I felt the instructor was well prepared and the course was excellent.

REC Silicon Kelly M.

This is an Accelerated 811 Course covering the classroom material only.

This popular crane training course provides standardized criteria to evaluate and correct structural, drive machinery and hoist problems on overhead cranes. Participants learn how to setup comprehensive preventive crane maintenance programs.

Course outline

  • Learn to isolate causes of abnormal tracking
  • Determine causes of abnormal component wear
  • Learn component replacement criteria
  • Learn replacement and adjustment procedures
  • Determine needed preventive maintenance items and intervals

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Webinar - Live

July 1,2024 to July 2,2024
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Webinar - Live

September 3,2024 to September 4,2024
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Webinar - Live

November 26,2024 to November 27,2024
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