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Frequent Crane Inspections - Live Webinar - 1 Day

Course number: 819MW
Length: 1 Day
Price: $625.00
Category: Online courses

This 1-day crane course encompasses the inspection criteria for all brands of Overhead Cranes and hoists. Crane maintenance and inspection staff will learn safety requirements and frequent inspection criteria in accordance with OSHA, ANSI/ASME and CMAA codes and regulations.

Webinar - Live
February 19,2021

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) Knowledge of the instructor.

Sandvik Materials Doug P.

(What I liked most about the seminar was...) The amount of information was more
then I expected.

General Motors Mike B.

Inspections, types of cranes and components and tension (load) calculations for different scenarios.

Lufkin Industries Brian M.

Some good info & videos.

Carlson Tool & Mfg. Brian B.

I thought the training was great and very good hands-on.

Metal Technologies Brian K.

Reduce costly crane downtime

Extend crane components life

Lower overall maintenance costs

Assure compliance with OSHA and ASME B30 standards

Course objectives

YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO: Reduce costly crane downtime. Extend crane components life. Lower overall maintenance costs. Assure compliance with OSHA and ASME B30 standards.

Course outline

  • Perform frequent inspections in accordance with all pertinent codes and regulations
  • Understand wire rope inspections and rejection criteria
  • Understand and interpret applicable sections of OSHA Title 29 regulations (OSHA 29CFR)
  • Have a working knowledge of ANSI/ASME Standard B30.2 and others
  • Recognize and perform required record keeping
  • Be able to perform consistent, comprehensive crane inspections

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March 5,2021
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