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Course number: 880W
Length: 1 Day
Price: $595.00
Category: Online courses

This 1-day Live Webinar crane safety training course will give supervisors, plant managers, facility managers & safety managers information on OSHA and ASME B30 requirements for Overhead Crane Operation including the reason behind the requirements.  A key focus is on reducing and eliminating the most frequent Crane Incidents.

Webinar - Live
December 6,2021

The hands on training & learning all the components of a crane & the right way to rig - The instructor was very clear how to use the right rigging for the right job.

Phelps Dodge David J.

Instructor's method of teaching and humor

CWI-Idaho James M.

Course outline and presentation. Instructor knowledge and candid. Great class.

Mead Westvaco Jim C.

Very informative, I want to be able to keep my people safe (on) the job.

Atchison Casting Alan M.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) Learning something I didn't know.

Southern CaliforniaEnergy Phillip D.

Good management practices are discussed in detail as well as some accident investigations.

Included in the course is one copy of the CMAA #70 Specification at no additional charge.

Course outline

1. Safety & Introductions

2. Crane Incident Studies: 

A. Review of Steel Mill Crane Safety Survey

B. Safety Triangles & OSHA Incident Report

C. KTI Overhead Crane Incident Study

D.  Crane Standards & Training Requirements

3. Rigging Safety  - 5 Biggest Mistakes

4. Crane Hand Signals & Communications

5. Mobile Crane Safety – Facility Manager Viewpoint

6. Overhead Crane Inspections Requirements

7. Incident Investigation

8. Critical Component Assessments

9. Conclusions to Prevent Incidents

10. Crane Safety – Action Plans

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Webinar - Live

November 5,2021
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Webinar - Live

November 15,2021
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Webinar - Live

December 6,2021
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Webinar - Live

December 13,2021
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