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Impulse Series VFD Controls - 3 Days

Course number: 827
Length: 3 days
Price: $2035.00
Category: Electrical

This important overhead crane course will help increase your crane uptime and show how to read and understand VFD drive faults. The Smartorque control is a state-of-the-art scaler and flux vector drive for overhead cranes.

Instructor was informative & was concerned that everyone understood. Thank
You!! (The Instructor) did a great job & enjoyed the class!

SZ Atlantic Erin

(What I liked about the seminar was…) How much knowledge I gained from the
course. It was very informative, knowledgeable and to the point. Materials were very good to read.

Gerdau Ameristeel Bryan S.

Class size was small. Better interaction.

Merrill Fabricators Jason N.

Learning all the OSHA regulations and the severity of not following them. (The
Instructor’s) personality and knowledge of material presented

Bowling GreenMetalforming Jon S.

Calculate load lifts

Tech Mfg. Rich V.

The Smartorque control is a state-of-the-art scaler and flux vector drive for overhead cranes. This course begins with the fundamentals of adjustable frequency drives, then educates participants on the system specific details. This crane training uses is a combination of classroom and laboratory work.

Course objectives

  • Understand crane and inverter safety considerations
  • Learn the fundamentals of adjustable frequency drives
  • Learn normal operating characteristics
  • Learn drive programming procedures
  • Interpret symptoms and learn to use test equipment in order to localize faults

Course outline

  • Theory of operation
  • Safety, protective features
  • Squirrel cage motors
  • Circuits and component layout
  • Controls and operation
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Review extensive software diagnostics
  • Review extensive program parameters
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November 17,2020
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