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Course information

Course number: 610
Length: 4 Days 8:30 am to 4:45 pm Eastern Time Each Day
Price: $1600.00

This all-inclusive, 4-day crane training seminar will provide an understanding of the basic field service and maintenance requirements for Demag cranes, wire rope and chain hoists, endtrucks, motors, reducers and KBK track systems.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) If you had problems with
something everyone help(ed) explain so you understand.

Charter Steel Troy D.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) The information given, style of the
instructor in regards to his presentation.

Macsteel USA Juvenal P.

(What I liked most about the seminar was...) Hand on, touring the plants to see the

Ternium USA Fol

Course was very good! Instructor did a great job.

Timet Glen C.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) The trip to Winsor to see the parts
being made.

US Steel Tom M.

This is an all-inclusive seminar that covers the vast majority of the Demag hoists, motors and crane components supplied to the USA market.  This is a practical hands-on seminar integrated with lectures about the products and service considerations.  Proper service is emphasized for both wire rope and chain hoists.  The latest and previously available hoist models are covered, making this seminar ideal for service technicians who routinely see all types and eras of Demag equipment.

  • Rope Hoists Covered: DMR, DR Pro, DR Bas, DR COM, DH and P
  • Chain Hoists Covered:  DC, DK and PK
  • Motors Covered:  ZB, KB, KM, KD, PF

Other topics covered:  Basic IDAPSY Software, PARCOM Software for D drives troubleshooting, and any new products as they are introduced.

This Demag Crane Service Seminar Course is a pre-requisite fo the Demag Crane Inspection Seminar and for the Advanced IDAPSY Software Seminar.  It is also the pre-requisite training necessary for purchasing a basic IDAPSY Software License.

Course outline

  • Cranes: End Trucks, Girders, Trolleys, Wheels and Wheelblocks.
  • Brakemotors:  ZBR, ZBV, KB, KD, and PF
  • Gearboxes:  FG, A, AF and DH Planetary.
  • Wire Rope Hoists: DMR, DR, DH and P Hoist Models
    • Mechanical overview including thrust rockers.
    • Wire rope, hooks, sheaves, attachments and rope guide.
    • Hoist limit switcch settings and adjustments.
    • Bottom block and hook inspection and disassembly.
    • Hoist motor brake check, cahnge and adjustment.
    • Setting of brake microswitch.
    • Radio addresses and control pendant self-check.
    • EPROM and circuit board changeout.
  • Software:  IDAPSY Basic, PARCOM and Status Control
    • IDAPSY Basic, Screens and Error-Codes for service.
    • ID Run, Error-codes and PARCOM software for inverter drives.
  • Chain Hoists: DC, DCS, DK & PK
  • KBK Track, Trolleys and Components.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Service and Troubleshooting Procedures.

Course note

1.  This course is conducted at the Demag Training Center in Solon (Cleveland), OH.  Course hours are 8:30 am to 4:45 pm Eastern Time.

2.  We reserve the right to cancel any session at any time.

3.  Lunches are provided during the seminar.  Students are responsible for airfare, hotel, transportation and per diem expenses.

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