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Demag Crane with DMR Hoist - 1 Day

Course number: 650
Length: 1 Day 8:30 am to 4:45 pm Eastern Time
Price: $800.00

This series of 1 day sessions cover proper maintenance for a Demag Crane equipped with a specific model Demag wire rope hoist.

Instructor, excellent presenter.

Nucor Steel Ray R.

Really enjoyed the class and (the instructor) did an outstanding job. I hope to be
able to attend many more classes here.

Nucor Steel Robert S.

The pace and informal setting was good for all involved regardless of individuals
learning speed.

Phelps Dodge Arthur G.

Being able to discuss with instructer about specific situations in our plant

ArcelorMittal Steel Gary S.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…..) Gave me a better understanding of an overhead crane.

Harley Davidson Andy B.

Subject matter will include complete crane components, the titled model of hoist, associated controls and applicable software.  

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Cleveland, OH Area

April 16,2019
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Cleveland, OH Area

September 17,2019
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Cleveland, OH Area

December 4,2019
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