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Overhead Crane Operator and Rigging

Course number: 808A
Length: 1 Day
Price: $250.00

This 1-day overhead crane operator training course is highly recommended for new crane operators and a refresher for those currently operating  a crane. This crane course covers all the OSHA/ASME requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements.

Interaction between trainer & trainee. Challenging us. Helping to better understand material.

Bowling GreenMetalforming Troy O.

(I liked…) Instructor Input - Anytime one (can) get experience from - it is a gain.

Entergy Kirk H.

Good instructor, good course, very informative. (I liked…) Instructor’s knowledge of
mobile cranes.

REC Silicon Scott B.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) The way the information was

Phelps Dodge Shawn P.

(What I liked most about the seminar was...) All of it.

Montenay Power Eddie B.

General Description
This course is designed as a classroom and hands-on training program.  The course covers all OSHA/ASME B30 requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements.  They begin with fundamentals such as identification of major crane components and focuses on the safe and proper operation of the crane.  Seasoned and novice operators alike will benefit from information concerning crane construction, basic rigging, crane controls, controlling load swing, and pre-operational inspections.


Course objectives

• Identify all major crane components
• Explain the function of major components
• Explain and use recommended hand signals
• Explain and apply all recommended safety procedures
• Perform all recommended operating procedures
• Correctly make precision lifts
• Understand crane control operations (AC or DC)
• Hands-on training

Course outline

• Major crane components
• Safety devices
• Recommended operating procedures
• Communications
• Safe operating practices
• Rigging Loads & Safe Rigging Practices
• LoadFlipping
• Hands-on demonstration

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