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Online Overhead Crane Inspection Training Refresher - Self-Paced (3-5 Hours)

Course number: 820SP
Length: 3-5 Hours Online - Self-Paced
Price: $595.00
Category: Inspection

PRE-REQUISITE:  818, 819, or 820 taken within the last 2 years.

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The Experience the instructor had in the technical field helped relate the text book information to the practical application of what we do.

Toyota Chris P.

Very informative (the instructor) was very personable and very knowledgeable on
the subject matter.

Bowling GreenMetalforming Chris S.

Learned a lot of material in the course that will help further my operations in operating
a crane. The instructor was well prepared and knew the laws and regulations pertaining to the course. (The Instructor) was very helpful in all aspects.

Trane Clayton P.

You learn that the crane work you so it's best to be fully alert of vision so you can
properly see the mechanics of your equipment in operation.

Kinder Morgan Nelson F.

Very informative.

Exxon Mobil Jeremy G.

This purchase allows you one tuition for our online Overhead Crane Inspection Refresher Course.

Within 24 hours after your payment has been received, you will receive via e-mail, a specific user Id and password for the online training program which takes approximately 3 to 5 hours to complete. We will also verify your eligibility for the online renewal.  

The testing is included in the program and upon successful completion you will receive an updated certificate and will be mailed a new Inspection Card valid for two years.

Eligible Students:  For Past Attendees of our Crane Inspection Training Class or our Crane Inspection Refresher Training Class whom are not more than 6 months expired.

This self-paced online overhead crane training course is for past attendees whose Crane Inspection cards are at or near expiration. (Inspection cards are valid for two years after the date of issue.) The online students will review any regulatory agency requirement changes, record keeping and new or different inspection criteria/techniques. A written midterm and final multiple choice exam is administered and those passing (75% and above) will be issued a new inspection card with photo.

Students should have their course books provided at their initial crane inspection course available to them to review during each lesson and the exams.  ASME B30.2 - 2011, CMAA #70 & #74 and OSHA 1910.179 are also helpful.

Course objectives

  • Crane inspection- all pertinent codes and regulations
  • Understand and interpret applicable sections of OSHA Title 29 regulations
  • Working knowledge of ANSI/ASME Standard B30
  • Recognize and perform record keeping

Course outline

  1. Introduction - Crane Overview
  2. Safety
  3. Controller and Cab Structures
  4. Runway Structural Support Inspections
  5. Runway and Rail Inspection
  6. Wheels Inspection
  7. Bridge Inspection - Mid Course Exam
  8. Trolley Inspection
  9. Gearing
  10. Hooks / Load Blocks / Sheaves / Grapples / Buckets and Proper Reeving
  11. Electrical Items
  12. Brakes - Mechanical, Disc, Eddy Current and Shoe.
  13. Wire Rope and Load Chain
  14. Operation of Crane Control - Final Exam
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