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Lack of Crane Operator Training Ends in Dangerous & Costly Crane Accident

Crane Accident Near Kansas City, Missouri Results in Crushed Pick-up Truck, Road Closures & Thousands of Power Outages

Crane Training Kansas City, MOJuly 24, 2017 –A lack of crane operator training in ends in a dangerous and costly crane accident in Blue Springs, Missouri.

The accident resulted in a crushed pickup truck, road closures and thousands of area power outages. Shockingly, there were no injuries or fatalities – although the accident could have gone very differently had the crane not narrowly missed a very large industrial oxygen tank that was in the bed of the hit pick-up truck.

The crane, which was mounted on a large truck, was being used to remove a large sign, which had the supporting steel posts of the sign cut for easier removal.

The crane operator was maneuvering the equipment along a steep dirt berm. When the sign was airborne it began to tip to the south. The unbalanced crane began to tip and ended up crashing over onto its side.

The crane hit the nearby power lines and slammed down onto a nearby pick-up truck, blocking the road’s southbound lanes. The downed power lines affected approximately 2,600 in the immediate area, including several businesses. It also forced several road closures.

Several agencies assisted with the incident, including the Blue Springs police, Central Jackson County Fire Protection District, the Missouri Department of Transportation, and Blue Springs Public Works Department. OSHA was also called in to investigate the crane accident and oversee safe removal of the fallen crane.

To avoid dangerous and costly crane accidents like this be sure your crew receives proper, thorough and regular crane operator training from a reputable crane training school.

The Konecranes Training Institute offers a broad range of crane training courses to meet various needs. We provide training for all brands, offer onsite crane training and have regular courses and seminars across the U.S. to meet industry demands.

Find a crane training course near you to help keep your crew and your business protected from dangerous and costly crane accidents like this one.

*Read the full story from Columbia Tribune here.

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