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Operators with Advanced Crane Training is a MUST for Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium Project

Installation of 17,000-Ton Shade Canopy Requires Highest Level of Crane Safety & Advanced Training

When it came to installing a 17,000-ton shade canopy structure on the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium, advanced crane training was a top priority. To execute the project required specially designed lift frames that weighed 35,000 lbs. each!

The heaviest & most complex lifts involved four cranes operating in tandem to lift two 45-foot outer sideline box trusses weighing 700 tons each. The tandem lift also included two 350-foot outer end zone box trusses

Due to the size, complexity & requirements of the project, Ruby+Associates made advanced crane training a top priority, hiring only highly trained & experienced crane operators.

To further aid in crane safety, Ruby+Associates made sure loads were limited to 75% of the cranes’ capacities. Lift plans were also developed, which included determinations of weight and center of gravity of the sections being lifted.

More than a dozen cranes were used throughout the project, all run by experienced operators with advanced crane training backgrounds.

Make sure your crane operators are prepared and qualified to handle big projects like this – get your team registered for advanced crane training courses or get on-site training at your facility!

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