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Crane Electrical Training

In this three day crane training course, students will learn how to perform electrical inspections and preventive maintenance procedures.

This electrical crane maintenance training course highlights electrical maintenance procedures for all types of A.C. crane controls including A.C. full magnetic, stepless and adjustable frequency drives and is considered the basic orientation to electrical maintenance.

This 3-day crane training course has helped students to better understand of AC and DC electrical crane controls. Students benefit from the theory and application of electrical crane control.

This important overhead crane course will help increase your crane uptime and show how to read and understand VFD drive faults. The Smartorque control is a state-of-the-art scaler and flux vector drive for overhead cranes.

Static Stepless is a solid state, secondary reactor control system for overhead cranes. This crane course focuses on practical information for set-up, troubleshooting and component replacement on the control system.

This 3-day crane training course teaches the different methods of controlling D.C. motors as used on cranes.

This 3-day state-of-the-art crane course covers Konecranes, P&H® Smartorque Control and Drivecon Crane Control for vector drives.

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