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Crane Operation Training

Konecranes Training Institute offers several opportunities for crane operator training in the U.S, Canada and elsewhere around the world. We highly recommend that cranes are only operated by personnel who:

  • Have received proper crane training and evaluation by a competent instructor
  • Are able to explain and apply all recommended crane safety and operating procedures
  • Know proper hand signals
  • Are able to make precision lifts

Click one of our crane operator training courses below for detailed information.

You an also view ALL crane training courses offered or contact Konecranes for additional questions.

This 1-day overhead crane operator training course is most often provided at customers' locations with the hands-on training portion on their own equipment.  This course will help you meet OSHA and ASME B30.2 requirements for training. Seasoned and Novice crane operators alike  benefit from the information concerning basic crane construction, rigging, crane controls, load swing and pre-operational inspections.

We do offer this course in the Milwaukee Area and in Connecticut at our facilities. To request an on-site course - please click the Contact Us link above.  We have instructors located throughout the US and Canada to provide a fast response and reduced travel costs for our customers.

This 3-day overhead crane operator training course is highly recommended for Internal trainers and facility crane experts. This crane course covers all the OSHA/ASME requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements.

This course will use either the Cab and Floor Crane Operator Course #808 or the Floor Crane Operator Course #808A as desired.

These courses cover all the OSHA/ASME requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements. They begin with the fundamentals such as identification of major crane components and focuses on the safe and proper operation of the crane.

This on-site course will make an immediate impact - targeting safety, productivity, and reducing operator fatigue. This course includes classroom and hands-on training for bucket crane and grapple crane operators. On-site only. For more information please call 866-821-4006.

This interactive, 1-day crane safety course is designed for persons giving hand or voice signals to Mobile Crane operators and/or overhead crane operators. This crane course meets the requirements of OSHA 1926.1400.

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