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Courses in this location

E.g., February 19,2019
E.g., February 19,2019
February 19,2019

This popular crane inspection course covers a wide variety of crane configurations. Participants receive a working knowledge of all pertinent regulatory agency requirements.

February 22,2019

This 1-day overhead crane inspection training course covers important regulation changes and is a review for past attendees whose Crane Inspection cards are at or near expiration. New ID cards include photo. 

*Prerequisite - Must have successfully completed the 818 or 819 course and passed the written exam within the last 2 years

March 5,2019

This 3-day overhead crane operator training course is highly recommended for Internal trainers and facility crane experts. This crane course covers all the OSHA/ASME requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements.

March 5,2019

This course is a 3 day refresher course for previously certified operator trainers from Konecranes. This course will use either the Cab and Floor Crane Operator Course #808 or the Floor Crane Operator Course #808A as desired.

These courses cover all the OSHA/ASME requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements. They begin with the fundamentals such as identification of major crane components and focuses on the safe and proper operation of the crane.

*PRE-REQUISITE: 808T, 808TR or 808TRA completed within the last two (2) years.

March 8,2019

Reduce costly crane downtime
Extend crane components life
Lower overall maintenance costs
Assure compliance with OSHA and ASME B30 standards

June 3,2019

This 1-day rigging training gives students the knowledge on safe rigging practices, rigging terminology, good and bad rigging practices and more.

Category: Rigging
June 4,2019

This 3-day crane training is a must for Mobile Crane Operators at your plant site. After completing this crane operator training, students will have an understanding of safe operating practices, the top causes of Mobile Crane Accidents and how to prevent them.

You will receive: Load Charts & Course Workbook

August 6,2019

This important, 3-day mobile crane inspector training will give students an understanding of the requirements for inspections, importance of inspections, and how to inspect cranes safely meeting requirements of OSHA and ASME B30.5

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