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Overhead Crane Operator & Rigging Train-the-Trainer - LIVE WEBINAR - 3 Days

Course number: 808TW
Length: 3 Days
Price: $2090.00
Category: Online courses

This 3-day overhead crane operator training course is highly recommended for Internal trainers and facility crane experts. This crane course covers all the OSHA/ASME requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements.

Webinar - Live
April 13,2021 to April 15,2021

The instructor was very knowledgeable. This was a very good course.
Instructor was knowledgeable and very helpful. Course was taught at a very nice pace.

General Motors Beau W.

(What I liked most about the seminar was…) Weight calculations, rigging

REC Silicon Scott D.

The instructor did tell you everything about cranes.

National OilwellVarco Erasmo G.

Interaction, personal presentation, hands on training.

Nucor Steel Kent D.

(The Instructor) did a great job. Good on everything that needed to be known. Any questions we had answered. Had no complaints whatsoever.

Kinder Morgan Mike Z.

Crane Operator Training and Rigging Class

This overhead crane operator training course covers all the OSHA and ASME/ANSI requirements for overhead crane operation including the reasons behind the requirements.

We begin with the fundamentals, such as identification of major crane components and focuses on the safe and proper operation of the crane. We also provide techniques for teaching to adults and fostering an exceptional learning environment.

Course objectives

  • Identify all major crane components
  • Explain the function of major components
  • Explain and use recommended hand signals
  • Explain and apply all recommended safety procedures
  • Perform all recommended operating procedures
  • Correctly make precision lifts
  • Understand crane control operations (AC or DC)
  • Understand adult learning and teaching techniques

Course outline

  • Major crane components
  • Safety devices
  • Recommended operating procedures
  • Communications
  • Safe operating practices
  • Conduct a 15-20 minute training presentation

You will receive the following (Instructors Kit):

  • Fundamentals of Overhead Crane Safety Video or DVD (Floor or Cab and Floor as needed)
  • Power Point Presentation on Flash Drive
  • Written Safety Program for your Safety Manual
  • Instructors Manual with Course Outline
  • Example Final exam with answer key
  • Hand Signal Poster
  • Certificate of Training
  • One student course kit

Contact our Crane Training Center for additional information, questions or special requests OR view all crane courses available.

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April 20,2021 to April 22,2021
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