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Course number: 880W
Length: 1 Day
Price: $595.00
Category: Online courses

This 1-day Live Webinar crane safety training course will give supervisors, plant managers, facility managers & safety managers information on OSHA and ASME B30 requirements for Overhead Crane Operation including the reason behind the requirements.  A key focus is on reducing and eliminating the most frequent Crane Incidents.

Webinar - Live
January 29,2021

((Instructor's) experience and real life situations that he shared with us.

Ormat Paul B.

Very Informative

ADM Bio Products Tom W.

The instructor was very well informed about the course. He was easy to follow and made the course enjoyable.

Bowling GreenMetal William C.

Excellent course, very useful information that will be put into practice.

Purdue University Kevin B.

The information was given in a way that was easy to understand. Atmosphere was
good and also helped to have the videos to break up the course.

Stora Enso Jason W.

Good management practices are discussed in detail as well as some accident investigations.

Included in the course is one copy of the CMAA #70 Specification at no additional charge.

Course outline

1. Safety & Introductions

2. Crane Incident Studies: 

A. Review of Steel Mill Crane Safety Survey

B. Safety Triangles & OSHA Incident Report

C. KTI Overhead Crane Incident Study

D.  Crane Standards & Training Requirements

3. Rigging Safety  - 5 Biggest Mistakes

4. Crane Hand Signals & Communications

5. Mobile Crane Safety – Facility Manager Viewpoint

6. Overhead Crane Inspections Requirements

7. Incident Investigation

8. Critical Component Assessments

9. Conclusions to Prevent Incidents

10. Crane Safety – Action Plans

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Webinar - Live

March 1,2021
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March 15,2021
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April 5,2021
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April 26,2021
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May 3,2021
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May 24,2021
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June 1,2021
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June 21,2021
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